GitLab Control stores your data both online (on your host) and locally (on your device). We use the device keychain to store your credentials and an encrypted database to store all the others data.

Every message transferred is encrypted with TLS/SSL only when the appropriate option is enabled both on the app and on your GitLab instance.


Gitlab Control also collect data for analytics purposes, so we can learn how you use the app and we can improve it in future updates.

In order to achieve this, we use the following 3rd party frameworks to give you the best service possible and improve the app over time.

Installing and using the app you agree to the terms and conditions of the 3rd party frameworks we are using:


The following is quoted from the Crashlytics terms and conditions:

… The Service allows the Developer to collect information relating to performance of Developer’s application, including, without limitation, device state information at the time of a crash, unique device identifiers and information relating to the physical location of a device at the time of a crash. Developer may turn on features of the Service to allow collection of other information, including some user identifying information (e.g., a user’s e-mail address) which allows Developers to communicate with users about crashes. Developer represents and warrants that Developer is collecting information via the Service for the sole purpose of obtaining information about errors and bugs in Developer’s applications, and communication with users about such errors and bugs. Developer agrees that it will not enable collection of personally identifiable information via the Service unless it is necessary to communicate with users about a crash…

Crashlytics Privacy Policy

Gitlab Control pledges to respect the above statement and only when the app sends a crash report to Crashlytics we will be retrieving the following sensitive data:

  • Host Address

We collect these information in order to be able to investigate on bugs and contact you in the case we need more information about it.